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How SEL Needs to Work in Everyday Teaching and Learning

2023-01-04T16:53:21-05:00March 2, 2021|

Lupita Knittel believes that before we get back normal, whatever that is, education needs to build a new foundation. Forget curricula and assessments, and metrics, the importance of emotional health, for both students and teachers, needs to be the new priority. On this episode of EdTech Today, host Kevin Hogan sits down with Knittel to gain insight into how Social Emotional Learning is set to become a big part of education’s future.

How Social Emotional Learning Can Help Prevent COVID Burnout

2023-01-04T16:53:22-05:00February 2, 2021|

Even with the pandemic continuing to impact our mental health, a social emotional learning platform can help the entire school population adopt a healthier, more positive mindset. Let’s face it, we’re all a little burned out on remote learning, hybrid classroom environments, Zoom, and other pandemic-related issues right now. As teachers, students, and parents, we’re all in the same boat as we work to balance the realities of our current situation with the need to keep students engaged, learning, and moving forward.

Adult SEL: 5 Components to Build Healthy Relationships Amongst Educational Teams

2022-10-17T14:12:40-04:00July 28, 2020|

How do we empower every teacher to be the most authentic and powerful version of themselves? We must create an environment where every educator can thrive. It is the path to sustained cultural transformation, and it starts with the adult relationships in your building. It is through these relationships where educators find courage, become engaged, confident, and comfortable. Most importantly, it is where they can inspire every student to fulfill their potential.

Mindsets-Based SEL and the Brain

2023-01-04T16:48:51-05:00July 15, 2020|

In 1997, new camera technology allowed us to view the brain at levels far exceeding anything ever conceived in the past. 99% of what we know about the brain has accumulated since that time and 80% of what we thought we knew was incorrect.

Equity Starts with Empathy

2023-01-11T16:03:51-05:00December 18, 2019|

If we want to truly invoke Equity in education, it will happen at the tip of the spear; when more of us educators truly appreciate the circumstances of our students and adapt our curriculum and systems to meet them where they are at...

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