“A Culture of Opportunity”

As teachers in Casa Grande, Arizona were on-boarding the 7 Mindsets last year, Michael Cruz, a Middle School Computer Sciences Teacher, invited his peers to join him for a workshop on how to teach their social emotional learning lessons more effectively, with less prep time. One month later, when our team visited Villago and Cactus Middle for a community open house, Cruz volunteered to come over and teach a group of students he had never met before. He chose the perfect mindset for this challenge: We Are Connected.

This video is a sample of one master teacher utilizing the 7 Mindsets program to create connection and to drive experiences that are relevant and important. It is the foundation of connection that will ultimately allow Mike to have conversations about important topics that will most definitely matter in the lives of his students. While Mike Cruz does many things greatly, there is one aspect of his style that I find most extraordinary.

It is his ability to use the power of his own story to open the door. It is through his story that Mike is able to find a common ground with his students, the critical foundation from which the process of building trust and relationships can begin. We are able to inspire when we are inspired and nothing gets our juices going; nothing gets us more present and focused than the emotions and power of our own lives.

We all have a great story and we all have things that inspire us. Some of the most powerful lessons we see are executed by those who could only be described as introverted and very serious educators. This world becomes a better place every time one of us owns and shares our own story to inform or inspire others. No place is that more meaningful then the schools and classrooms around out country. We hope you are inspired by Mike’s story and the impact he is having on youth.

We Are Connected Activities

As presented in the book, “7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life,” the first step in learning “We Are Connected” is to lean into the feeling that there is deeper meaning in all relationships and in all things around the world. The greater sense of connectedness you’ll feel can then inspire you to seek out synergies and meaning in all your relationships. It might help if you lean in to the feeling that everything happens for a reason, and everyone comes into our lives for a reason. This will help you view all experiences with a heightened sense of awareness, and look to squeeze much more meaning and joy from your life.

The second step to learning “We Are Connected”? Turn to page 58! :)