Here is what happens to teachers who don’t focus on test scores! Mashburn Elementary’s Tracey Smith shares a few top-level points on how her school uses ridiculously amazing acts of teacher appreciation to move their culture forward.

“It is true that if you don’t feed the teachers, they’ll eat the students,” says Smith with a smile. In this short video, get a glimpse into Mashburn’s teaching culture as they bump into big fun with law enforcement.


This year, 7 Mindsets explores seven amazing schools from across the United States with a film crew in tow. Our third stop is Mashburn Elementary: a suburban school in Forsyth County, GA, where CRTC scores, sub-zero car lines, police interventions and random acts of song, dance and laughter made our 2-days filming on campus ridiculously memorable!

Mashburn’s student achievement results may be through-the-roof, but their culture is interstellar. 5-years into their implementation of the 7 Mindsets, we hope this video series will provide a shock to the system.