Social Emotional Well-Being White Paper

Investing in Educators’ Social Emotional Well-Being Fosters Student Success and Improves School Culture

Emerging evidence indicates that promoting teacher well-being and mental health reduces stress and anxiety. By addressing their own social emotional well-being first, teachers are more successful in impacting the social emotional well-being of their students and changing school cultures for the better.

Learn how SEL can positively impact school culture, including lessons learned from Chilton Independent School District, TX and New Caney Independent School District, TX.

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What You Will Learn

Decades of research have confirmed that social emotional competence can be taught and positively impact school cultures. This helpful white paper highlights:

  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) can be taught, modeled, and practiced and will lead to positive student outcomes.

  • Teachers also need social emotional learning – the best way to take care of kids is to make sure the people who interact with them most are taking care of themselves.

  • Social emotional learning helps students develop the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for growth.

  • At the school level, successful SEL programs depend on good leadership and staff working well together with shared goals.

  • Socially and emotionally competent teachers set the tone in their classrooms by developing supportive and encouraging relationships with their students. Many school districts assume that teachers already have these competencies.

  • The 7 Mindsets SEL program is anchored on a leadership development and coaching process, nurturing the mindsets of both students and educators.

Insights and Lessons — Theory into Practice

Positive outcomes of SEL programs that support educators include reducing stress and job-related anxieties, and depression while increasing teachers’ feelings of job control, warmth and high-quality interactions with students (Greenberg et al., 2016).

Discover how two Texas school districts, Chilton Independent School District (ISD) and New Caney Independent School District (ISD) put theory into practice, implementing 7 Mindsets with a focus on putting teachers first.

“As a leadership team, we try new things to ensure our teachers are okay. In order to address the learning needs of our students, teachers need to be okay,” he said. We knew we would have to hit the ground running and knew once it started, it would be difficult and challenging.”
Brandon Hubbard – Superintendent
Chilton Independent School District (ISD), TX

About 7 Mindsets

Our mindsets-based, teacher-first approach is designed to drive student well-being and achievement, healthy school cultures, and educator happiness and retention. best-in-class digital PreK-12 SEL curriculum combined with transformative professional learning, expert coachingand more, have made 7 Mindsets a trusted partner to schools and districts for over 15 years.

Selecting an SEL Platform
  • PreK-12 Digital SEL Curriculum
    A digital curriculum, designed to be teacher led, and requiring only 10 minutes of prep time per lesson. Educators deliver 30 easy-to-use lessons by grade per academic year. Includes classroom integration ideas, activity files, and lesson plans, thousands of additional streaming videos and activities, in a searchable database, family newsletters & workshops, staff resources, and so much more!

  • Professional Learning and Coaching
    Immersive professional learning experiences and on-going coaching are interactive and best-in-class. We uplift and reenergize educators so they can confidently model and teach the 7 Mindsets while enriching their own personal well-being. Start-up and onboarding support, as well as individualized coaching and programmatic implementation, to ensure you achieve culture and climate transformation in your school or district. 

  • Adult SEL
    The new 7 Mindsets Empowering Educators™ adult SEL platform offers a complete professional development solution to restore educator’s sense of purpose and reignite their passion for teaching. Learning opportunities are self-paced, flexible, and include on-demand access to hundreds of videos, webinars, and mini-courses.


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