Take Your SEL to the Next Level
with High-Quality Assessment

xSEL Labs Offers an Integrated Assessment
Solution to Support Whole Child Initiatives

Take Your SEL to the Next Level with High-Quality Assessment

xSEL Labs Offers an Integrated Assessment Solution to Support Whole Child Initiatives

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The Power of xSEL Labs Assessment + Instructional Resources

How does a school or district effectively evaluate its social emotional learning initiatives? As with reading and math, the most reliable way to measure students’ social and emotional competencies—and an SEL program’s impact—is with assessment.

xSEL Labs assessments directly measure students’ social and emotional competencies and needs. Integrated with your SEL program, xSEL labs provides a unique combination of instructional resources—including curated lessons and strategies—that help educators target social-emotional competency needs identified via a robust direct assessment tool.

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How Does the Integrated Solution Work?

The easy-to-implement, student-facing assessment with informative and actionable reports identify student needs and provide skill-specific whole-class instructional resources to ensure students get what they need to be proficient.

What xSEL Labs Assessments Provide

  • Baseline data for screening and identifying needs
  • Formative data to guide teaching and learning
  • Summative data to measure social-emotional skill development
  • Cumulative data for program evaluation and continuous improvement

Targeted Instructional Resources
xSEL Labs’ assessment reports link to instructional resources for building targeted skills, including quick and simple lessons, alignments to more than 25 evidence-based programs, and strategies for integrating skill-building throughout the day.

Harnessing the Combined Power of Assessment and SEL
With xSEL Labs’ SEL assessment data, school and districts have the information as well as the tools and resources to guide teaching and learning, SEL program outcome evaluation, baseline needs assessment, and universal screening for multi-tiered supports.

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Assessments are narrated and available in English and Spanish.


Get 15 discussion prompts that will help ensure students and staff can engage in authentic dialogue and build trust.

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About 7 Mindsets

Founded in 2009, 7 Mindsets is a comprehensive well-being, mental health, and assessment solution provider for schools and districts across the country. The company offers multi-tiered curriculums, assessments, professional learning, and coaching that ensure safe and supportive learning environments. Its highly effective programs have been shown to improve student engagement, behavior, and academic achievement, and have been used by over 5 million students and educators.