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Imagine a culture where everyone thrives.

Classrooms are energetic, students are focused, and teachers are productive and happy.

Ridiculously Amazing Schools excel by creating a culture of trust and belonging which leads to engaged confident and comfortable teachers. The book outlines a practical solution and road map to drive real and meaningful change within the school and classroom.

It takes the “whole teacher” to educate the “whole child”. 

``Here's what's being said about the book``

Is your school Ridiculously Amazing?

“Ridiculously Amazing Schools is a lively read. I could not put it down. It uses powerful anecdotes to deliver important messages. This book should be in the hands of every educator. We should all be working through the challenges and insights presented in this book. Our schools and educators are the lifeline of our world. Jeff and Tracey  have delivered an engaging and accessible framework for transforming the lives of our educators and the students they teach.” –  Sally J. Zepeda, Ph.D. Professor of Educational Administration and Policy University of Georgia 

Ridiculously Amazing Schools

“A unique and uplifting education book that focuses on how to support teachers…The key is investing in our people, their well-being, and the relationships we cultivate among them. Jeff and Tracey provide conditions for success and practical guidance to help educators  create schools students need. The time is now!” – Lissa Pijanowski, ED. D. Founder/Chief Learning Officer, Innovate 2 Educate and International Center for leadership in Education 

“Ridiculously Amazing Schools is what has been missing and what has been needed from education professional development literature … a complete focus on the well-being of our educators. Most education PD books provide practical insight centered around all things students. Jeff and Tracey have stepped outside of that box to provide incredible perspective and real-world examples of why taking care of the educators first will ultimately impact our students in a profound way. Not only are the examples relevant to our schools today, the ideas for cultural changes can be implemented the next day! This first-of-its-kind book definitely hits the mark!!!”

– Kirk Jones, Principal at Ayersville Middle School

About the Authors

Tracey Smith
Jeff Waller

Tracey Smith works as a principal with Forsyth County Schools in Cumming, Georgia. Her passion for reaching and teaching the whole child led to a friendship with the 7 Mindsets in 2012, when she oversaw the development of an elementary curriculum to address the growing need of social-emotional learning. She is fiercely determined to create environments for teachers and students that change their lives and make every day ridiculously amazing.

Tracey has spent the last twenty-two years in education, and fourteen of those have been in administration. She follows the footsteps of her dad, who was a high school administrator in South Georgia. She grew up walking the halls and learning about leading from amazing example.

Tracey enjoys traveling to present and share lessons learned and teacher empowerment. She believes that we are here to support and grow one another. We are all in this together. Tracey lives in Cumming with her husband and two children, Jordan and Josie. You can find Tracey on Twitter @TBSmith01.

Jeff Waller has spent the last fifteen years observing hundreds of schools and thousands of classrooms. He interviewed over 100 of the most successful administrators and teachers in the country. Through this work he has co-authored two books and co-developed the revolutionary 7 Mindsets program.

A motivational speaker, Jeff is also the co-founder of the magic Wand Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering youth. Jeff is also the co-creator of the Ultimate Life Summit.

He has dedicated the last two decades to learning and understanding the critical elements that define high achievers. Jeff lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife and three children. You can find Jeff on Twitter @JeffMWaller.