During the month of May, we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to continue the important dialogue around student mental health and take steps to improve mental health support in your schools, communities, and families.

At 7 Mindsets, we believe that prioritizing mental health and wellness while helping students develop the necessary skills to effectively overcome these challenges can help prevent mental health crises and promote positive outcomes for all students.

Below are free mental health resources to support your efforts to proactively address the mental health needs of your students:

Mental Health Awareness Month
Cover_10 Ways Support and Protect Student Mental Health

10 Ways Schools Can Protect and Support Students’ Mental Health

This popular eBook offers effective strategies that schools can implement to ensure safe and supportive learning environments and increase school connectedness among students and educators.

Cover_7 Ways to Foster Student Sense of Belonging

7 Ways to Foster Students’ Sense of Belonging and Improve Mental Health

This eBook includes practical strategies that schools can adopt to improve that sense of belonging as well as support students’ mental health.

Cover_Today's Students and Mental Health

Today’s Students and Mental Health: Four Solutions for Modern Mental health Challenges from the Voices of High School Students

This important eBook offers successful strategies that school can use to reduce the pressure and stress on students and empower them to manage even their toughest challenges.

IMage_10 Ways Checklist

10 Ways Schools Can Protect and Support Students’ Mental Health: A Checklist for Schools

This one-page checklist is a companion piece to the popular eBook of the same name linked above. This is a great resource for sharing with colleagues and can be printed for easy reference.