Ceatriss Wall

Georgia Elementary School Uses 7 Mindsets to Prioritize Social Emotional Learning

2024-05-15T14:02:04-04:00January 3, 2022|

Situated in a region that’s challenged by generational poverty and other socioeconomic issues, Chattahoochee Elementary School in Forsyth County, Ga., needed a way to level the playing field across its diverse student population. With about 800 students in grades K-5, and 40% of them on either free or reduced lunch, the school was facing some particularly steep challenges on the social emotional learning (SEL) front.

7 Mindsets Helps Alternative High School Increase Graduation Rates to 77%

2024-05-15T14:02:47-04:00January 3, 2022|

“With 7 Mindsets, not only have we changed our students, but we’ve also changed the way we think about and look at life,” said Ceatriss Wall, Principal. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see the impact that we've seen now using 7 Mindsets and having SEL learning incorporated into daily life. There’re no words to explain how happy we are that we implemented this SEL curriculum at our school.”

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