Loree Munro

How New Caney Independent School District (ISD) is Prioritizing SEL

2023-05-17T10:25:40-04:00April 19, 2021|

The Covid-19 pandemic may be on everyone’s minds right now, but school districts grappled with another pandemic before the virus changed our world. School violence incidents such as the Parkland School shooting were increasing, and students’ physical and mental well-being were at critical levels. New Caney Independent School District, northeast of Houston, Texas, understood that social emotional learning (SEL) and the missed opportunities to identify students with deficits played out in school–specifically in school violence.

7 Mindsets Named Winner of Tech&Learning’s 2021 Remote Learning Tools

2022-10-17T14:02:34-04:00March 11, 2021|

As schools pivoted from in-person to remote and blended learning this past year, technology solutions were key to delivering quality, continuous learning. To celebrate the work of technology providers who stepped up to support this effort, Tech & Learning launched “The Best Tools for Remote & Blended Learning,” a new offering in its legacy Awards of Excellence program.

Selecting and Implementing a Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

2023-05-17T10:03:04-04:00February 18, 2021|

School counselors and the professional organizations that support them have been advocating for appropriate counselor-to-student ratios for years. When the school shootings happened in Florida and then closer to home in Santa Fe ISD in 2018, our state began to take a bigger interest in identifying and addressing potential concerns before they get to the point of school violence. There was a lot of discussion at the state level about what we’re doing to raise awareness in this area.

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