As a #ThankfulThursday shout-out, we would like to take a moment to celebrate all teachers, social workers, counselors, paraprofessionals, psychologists, and all staff and administrators who believe that #EverythingisPossible and who inspire their students to live lives of passion, purpose, and joy. With an #AttitudeOfGratitude, the 7 Mindsets team has curated a collection of positive growth mindset, well-being, and mental health-focused content for students and educators. Check out these free resources to support your efforts to create a positive culture and climate in your classrooms and schools:

My Morning Mindset Worksheets: Start your day with this safe and simple check-in worksheets that can be used as teacher check-in tool, a 1:1 chat opportunity, or as a way for students to express themselves.

What’s Poppin’ Conversation Cards: The prompts in this original version of the What’s Poppin’ cards offer a lively way for students and adults to get to know one another and build positive school culture.

10 Ways to Support and Protect Students’ Mental Health: This popular eBook offers practical and effective strategies that schools can implement to ensure safe and supportive learning environments and increase school connectedness among students and educators.

Effective Strategies for Building a Positive School Culture: In this impactful on-demand webinar presenter Dr. Pedro Noguera will use his experience and expertise to discuss what schools can do to promote buy-in among educators and staff and develop a climate of safety and respect rooted in shared values.

Circle Talk: This eBook includes 16 prompts to help staff establish positive connections that build trust, foster a sense of belonging, and show appreciation.

Thankful Thursday

7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life: Get this free flip version of the popular 7 Mindsets booklet that defines the seven mindsets and 28 learning objectives that dictate our emotions and actions and help us connect with others.

7 Ways Educators Can Achieve a Success Mindset – In Work and Life Happiness and success are not determined by what we know, but in how we think! By creating and maintaining a success mindset, educators and staff can combat stress and negative emotion and discover greater levels of happiness and success. Learn seven ways educators can work toward and achieve a success mindset.

Morning Mindsets Quote of the Day: Start each day with a healthy mindset to place you in the best position to enjoy a productive and successful day. Use our daily morning mindset quotes to help provide a little motivation and inspiration to your students as they begin their day. Sign up to receive the free daily morning mindset quotes to help provide a little motivation and inspiration to your students as they begin their day.

Thank you for all you do each day for your students, fellow educators, and school communities!