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Want to Create Great Humans at Your School?


  • Is the readiness of your students to learn being affected by social emotional challenges?  
  • Do your educators need more support in dealing with the negativity, low resilience and low intrinsic motivation of students?
  • Enjoy the video case study below from Tobias Elementary in Kyle, TX and glean a few ideas to develop and sustain a positive school culture to maximize learning and create great humans.

"We are teaching to their hearts."


Our latest research confirms it: even hearts are bigger in Texas.

In 2017, the 7 Mindsets explored seven schools from across the United States with a film crew in tow. Our second stop was Tobias Elementary near Austin, TX, a school community that has embraced the Growth Mindset, while implementing The 7 Mindsets as a structure and common language for social and emotional learning. 

This is a community of explorers who live by a rigorous, yet light-hearted commitment to each whole child. Enjoy!

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| Teaching Kindness |

"You get to learn today..."

"You can be 19th in line, and you still get to eat. You still get to learn."

Reflecting on how Kindergarten-aged children often rush to be first in line, Jennifer Higa-Rolls shares her approach to teaching kindness and perspective using the 7 Mindsets.

In today's social climate, this is a lesson we would all benefit from practicing!

| Implementation Perspective |

Connecting Behavior Strategies and 7 Mindsets


Tobias Elementary's teaching community leverages its entrenched PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program to help students feel safe, confident and aware of their behavioral environment.

As the Explorers follow their "MAPS", the community at and around Tobias uses the 7 Mindsets to go beyond behavioral strategies, providing a curriculum and common language supporting each child. 

| Implementation Strategy |

Connecting Growth Mindset and 7 Mindsets

"We were learning about what teachers can say and share in the classroom to encourage student growth... If a student says 'I can't', then maybe we can say 'not yet'".

Principal Paige Collier shares how the teaching community at Tobias embraced the Growth Mindset as a foundational approach for social emotional learning. From brain-based teaching strategies, Tobias implemented The 7 Mindsets for its common language and curriculum.

| Parent Viewpoint |

"It's naturally becoming a part of their language..."

We invited a few of the parents to share their thoughts on The 7 Mindsets and its impact on students and the parenting community.

Jeff Campbell

"Dad Squad"


Stacy Clark

PTA President


| Student Viewpoints |

"At school, I feel really giving..."


The first of several extras we will post over the coming days, this video is a quick introduction to three outstanding young explorers who sat down with Mrs. Collier to share their favorite mindsets. "Everything is Possible" once again steals the show!

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Contact Duane Moyer to learn about implementation utilizing the 7 Mindsets and                                          

how our experienced team can ensure your success at or 404-354-2930. 


Numerous independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impact in Achievement, Student Behavior and Grit & Resilience.

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