Dr. Doug Fisher

Award-Winning Author and Educational Leader

Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., is professor and chair of educational leadership at San Diego State University. Doug is a credentialed teacher and administrator in California. He has published over 250 books, chapters, and articles focused on school improvement and was elected to the Reading Hall of Fame in 2022. He is the coauthor of All Learning Is Social and Emotional and The Social and Emotional Learning Playbook.

Dwight Carter

Award Winning Educator and Author

Dwight Carter is a nationally recognized school leader, speaker, presenter, and author from Columbus, Ohio. He was named the 2013 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Principal of the Year, the 2014 Academy of Arts and Science Education High School Principal of the Year, the 2015 Ohio Alliance of Black School Educators Principal of the Year, and a 2021 Columbus Afrocentric Early College Sankofa Emerging Leader Award winner. Carter is currently the Director of Student Support Systems for the Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools District in Groveport, Ohio. He is the author of  Be GREAT: Five Principles to Improve School Culture from the Inside Out.


J. Ross Parrelli

Passionate Educator and Soulful Singer

J. Ross Parrelli, a passionate advocate for arts and education, is a freestyle emcee and soulful singer who uses Hip Hop Education as a medium to teach about business, culture, dreams, and emotional coping strategies. With a journey that has taken her from being an Emcee Battle Champion to a Board of Education Trustee, Parrelli uniquely bridges the gap between arts and politics. Her mission is to integrate Teaching Artists into classrooms and make Hip Hop Education accessible to teachers and students globally.

Scott Shickler

Co-Founder of 7 Mindsets

Noted as one of the world’s leading experts on student and educator empowerment, Scott Shickler is a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and Mindsets advocate. Scott is the bestselling co-author of the book, The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life. He has been featured in a variety of media, including CNN, ABC and NBC News, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He is also the co-founder of the Magic Wand Foundation – a non-profit spreading mindsets-based empowerment to youth globally.

Jeff Waller

Co-Founder of 7 Mindsets

Jeff Waller is a thought leader on personal achievement, and youth empowerment.  He is the co-author of The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life.  He is also the co-author of Ridiculously Amazing Schools, Creating a Culture where Everyone Thrives. He is the co-founder of 7 Mindsets Corporation, a multi-million dollar educational solution provider currently serving 5 million students and educators in 47 states.

Jeff has spent the last twenty years observing hundreds of schools and thousands of classrooms.  He has interviewed over 100 of the most successful administrators and teachers in the country.  Through this work he has co-authored two books and co-developed the revolutionary 7 Mindsets program that delivers curriculum and professional development to schools and classrooms from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

A motivational speaker, Jeff is also the co-founder of the Magic Wand Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering youth to live their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.  Through inspirational stories, motivational videos, and energizing activities, Jeff’s sessions foster the hope and cultivate the sense-of-purpose critical to extraordinary educations.

Jeff has dedicated the last two decades to learning and understanding the critical elements that enable happiness and define high achievers.  Jeff lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife and three children.

Dr. Byron McClure

National Certified School Psychologist, and Author

Dr. Byron McClure is currently the Director of Innovation at 7 Mindsets and Founder of Lessons For SEL, where he uses research, human-centered design thinking to build empathy, ideate, co-create solutions, and design equitable resources that put the needs of children front and center. He formerly served as the Assistant Director of School Redesign at a high school in Southeast, D.C., where he was responsible for leading and reimagining what Social Emotional Learning looked like within an inner-city community.

Dr. Leslie Anway

Director of Resilient Schools, Pima County Schools – Tucson, AZ

Dr. Leslie Anway is the Director of Resilient Schools for the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office. She is a nationally certified school psychologist and a certified clinical trauma specialist, but her greatest certification is that of being a grandmother to three amazing grandchildren. With nearly 30 years practicing in education, Leslie has merged her experiences as scientist and practitioner to advocate for whole-child healing-centered school environments that prioritize space for staff wellness. Leslie is a national trainer whose strength is in facilitating systems change through connection-building and meaningful learning opportunities that provide innovative avenues for sustainability.

Anthony Guillen

Social Worker, Resilient Schools, Pima County Schools – Tucson, Arizona

Anthony B. Guillen, MSW is a Bilingual Clinician serving unaccompanied minors. Anthony is a consultant with Resilient Schools for the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office, a former School Safety and Social Wellness Specialist with the Arizona Department of Education. He is an Arizona Certified School Social Worker with experience in schools, community mental health, and marginalized communities. Anthony continues to strive in making equitable change to see educational institutions thrive and flourish.

Tanika Garrett

Teacher, Author, Butler County, Alabama

Tanika Garrett, an accomplished educator with 15+ years of teaching high school Mathematics, discovered her true calling despite not initially aspiring to teach. A graduate of Alabama State University, she holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education in Mathematics Education. Tanika’s leadership roles, accolades, and commitment to student growth highlight her impact. Beyond education, she is a published author, founder of Master in M.E., and a devoted mother. Tanika, a grief coach and education consultant, leverages her personal experiences to empower widows and support new math teachers through Social-Emotional Learning practices. Residing in Montgomery, she continues making positive contributions to her community.

Delia Gadson

Principal, Paul L. Sheehy Elementary School – Tampa, Florida

Delia Gadson is the proud principal of Paul L. Sheehy Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. As a 7 Mindsets Leader, she shares her passion for this “heart” work with her faculty, parents, and community. Delia received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. She is a graduate of the National Institute of School Leadership Executive Development Program with the National Center on Education and the Economy and has been featured in ASCD’s Educational Leadership Journal. Delia recently served as the President of the Hillsborough Association of School Administrators.


Julia Sarmiento-Cohen

Supervisor of Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program – Division of Academic Services in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS), FL

Julia Sarmiento-Cohen is currently the Supervisor of Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program in the Division of Academic Services in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). She oversees K-12 Programs that support building resiliency and life skills. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature, and master’s degree in educational leadership, from the University of South Florida. Julia has over 20 years of educational experience and has worked with several community partners to implement education initiatives in her school district and community. Julia has received several awards for her leadership and dedication to education in the community such as: The Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator of the Year Award from Hillsborough County Public Schools, the OLE (Outstanding Latina/o in Education) Award from The University of South Florida, The Dorothy Duke Outstanding Community Service Award, from Florida Home Partnership and the District Leader of the Year award from the Hillsborough Association for School Administrators (HASA). Julia was raised in Wimauma, FL, is married with 2 children and continues to advocate for educational equity and opportunities in her community.


Victoria Feliciano

Coordinator of Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program in the Division of Academic Services – Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS), FL

Victoria Feliciano is currently the Coordinator of Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program in the Division of Academic Services in Hillsborough County Public Schools, (HCPS). With 14 years of dedicated service in HCPS, she has taught at both the Middle and Elementary levels prior to joining the district team in 2022. Victoria holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Tampa. Through her dedication to enhancing wellness practices, fostering community connections, and improving educational outcomes, Victoria has been nominated as Teacher of the Year and recognized by the Education Commissioner in Florida as a High Impact Teacher for her exceptional influence on student performance in Mathematics. As a Tampa native, Victoria remains deeply rooted in her community, where she continues to share her passion for serving and empowering others.

Phillip Guest

Phillip Guest

District Resource Teacher of Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program in the Division of Academic Services – Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS), FL

Phillip Guest is currently the District Resource Teacher for Resiliency, Character, and Life Skills Education, and the Student Success Coach Program in the Division of Academic Services in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). Phillip is also currently the Project Manager for the Students, Teachers, Officers Preventing Violence (STOP) Grant. He has spent 15 years making a positive impact on students in his community as a middle school social studies teacher, high school football and softball coach, and student success coach. Phillip is an Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator of the Year Award winner. Phillip received his undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of South Florida and Master’s Degree in Leadership, from Nova Southeastern University.

Kari Oscar

Kari Oscar

Coordinator of Social, Emotional Learning – School District of Beloit, Wisconsin

Kari Oscar is a dynamic educator deeply committed to fostering social, emotional, and behavioral development in students. With a rich background encompassing over a decade of teaching experience across multiple grade levels and administrative roles, Kari brings a wealth of expertise to their current position as the Coordinator of Social, Emotional Learning in the School District of Beloit, Wisconsin.

Driven by a passion for nurturing holistic student growth, Kari’s primary focus lies in crafting comprehensive frameworks and resources to proactively address and support the diverse social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all learners. Through strategic planning and collaboration, Kari endeavors to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed.

With a steadfast dedication to excellence, Kari Oscar stands as a beacon of innovation and advocacy within the educational community, shaping the future of education one student at a time in Beloit and beyond.

Krystle Austin

Principal, Manor Independent School District – Manor, Texas

Krystle Austin, a K-6 Elementary Principal, spearheaded the implementation of 7 Mindsets at her campus, ensuring school-wide adoption within the first year. Collaborating closely with the counselor, they crafted a blueprint, resulting in a stress-free launch of the program. With a passion for nurturing holistic student development, Krystle’s leadership and innovative approach have fostered a positive school culture and learning environment for all students. Empowering students and staff with essential skills and a growth mindset.

Sara McIntire

Social Worker, Broadmoor Elementary School, Louisburg, Kansas

Sara McIntire, LMSW, is the School Social Worker at Broadmoor Elementary School, a third through fifth grade elementary school, in Louisburg, Kansas. Sara has been in the Louisburg School District for 20 years, part of that time serving K-5 and the last five years at BES. She completed her master’s degree in social Welfare at the University of Kansas. Sara was a leader in bringing the 7 Mindsets to USD#416 and continues to provide leadership and support for implementation in her building and district wide.

Dr. Ann Bond

Director of Special Education and School-Based Social Emotional Learning, Peoria Public Schools, Illinois

Dr. Ann Bond is an educator currently holding roles in Peoria Public Schools as the Director of Special Education and School-Based Social Emotional Learning, along with serving as the Executive Director for Jamieson and Day Treatment Schools. Her academic accomplishments include two bachelor’s degrees in teacher education and sociology, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, a Doctor of Education in education administration, a Director of Special Education Endorsement, and various other certifications. For over 25 years in Peoria Public Schools, Dr. Bond has played diverse roles, from teacher and special education coordinator to director of early childhood and Principal at Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education Center and Franklin Primary School. She has been recognized as one of the “40 Leaders Under 40” and as the Those Who Excel Administrator of the Year. She is committed to excellence, diversity, and the success of every student.

Karen Barnes

Special Education Teacher, Peoria Public Schools, Illinois

Mrs. Karen Barnes is a Special Education Teacher in Peoria Public School at Mark Bills Middle School. She has been an educator for 21 years, all of which have been in various special education roles at both the middle and high school levels. Her academic accomplishments include a B.S. in Special Education from Bob Jones University, an M.ED. in Autism Spectrum Disorders from Grand Canyon University, and an M. Ed. in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. In her role, Mrs. Barnes has served on her building Universal Leadership Team and PBIS Committee, serves as the building Social-Emotional Learning district representative, and chairs the school branch of Make Your Marq, a non-profit organization promoting community involvement and peer accountability among youth. She is a certified instructor for CPI De-escalation Training through the Crisis Prevention Institute and supports both staff and students in non-violent de-escalation techniques. She is passionate about restorative discipline and individualized instruction.

Fabian Daniels

Principal, Annie Jo Gordon Community Learning Center, Peoria, Illinois

Mrs. Fabian Daniels is an educator in Peoria Public Schools serving in the role of Principal at Annie Jo Gordon. Her academic accomplishments include graduating with her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from Illinois State University, Masters in Teacher Leadership from Saint Xavier University, and Administrative Certification from Bradley University . In her role, she ​received the ELITE David Helman Award for Principal of the Year in 2017, Peoria Public School Administrator in 2019, and recognized as Illinois State Board of Education Those Excel School Administrator in 2019. At her school she established and cultivated a school environment of a family. Mrs. Daniels is proud to be a servant leader in the community at the school where she started her educational career.

Leslie Blockman

Leslie Blockman

AWARE Grant Coordinator, Bloomington Public Schools District 87, IL

Currently, she is overseeing the AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education) Grant which provides resources to create a systematic and sustainable structure to support social emotional resources and education for students, teachers, community members, and parents. She has also been a School Social Worker and Behavior Specialist. She has a passion for systems, collaboration, listening, and helping students grow to their full potential. She believes in the power of connection and looks forward to connecting with you!

Julie Spierto

Julie Spierto

Senior Education Services Manager, 7 Mindsets

Julie Spierto is a dynamic leader in the field of 7 Mindsets education. With a deep passion for reshaping education and transforming lives, Julie serves as the organization’s Senior Education Services Manager and Regional Lead for the West. Her vision extends beyond the classroom, envisioning a world where individuals possess the mindset and skills needed to overcome life’s challenges with resilience and optimism. Julie brings a wealth of experience to her role, having been a mathematics teacher, varsity soccer coach, Geometry team coach, and Teacher of the Year. Her diverse background informs her innovative approach to education and personal development.

Yessica O'Connor

Yessica Esmeralda O’Connor

Business Development Manager, 7 Mindsets

Yessica Esmeralda O’Connor brings 20 years of experience working with ELL students as a teacher and as an administrator for schools in CA, CO, and internationally (Japan, Ecuador, and Mexico.) In her years of teaching inner-city, low-income, and ELL students, she has gained and developed strategies to build positive relationships with her students, families, and diverse communities. She has a double Masters in Linguistically Diverse Education and Spanish Literature that led her to develop techniques on how to teach students with language barriers.

Dr. Clark McKown

Chief Science Officer, 7 Mindsets

Clark McKown, Ph.D., founded xSEL Labs with the mission of supporting effective educational practice with high-quality social and emotional learning assessments. Clark is a nationally recognized leader in the field of SEL assessment who is regularly sought for his expertise. He was lead author on a report of the state of the field of SEL assessment and author of “Assessing Student Social and Emotional Learning: From Planning Through Action.” Clark has been Principal Investigator on several federal and foundation grants whose purpose was to design, develop, validate, and scale social and emotional assessment systems. In his role as Chief Science Officer, Clark will lead 7 Mindsets’ work to provide usable, feasible, and actionable assessments alongside its program offerings.

Dr. Nick Floyd

Director of Curriculum, 7 Mindsets

Dr. Nick Floyd, Director of Curriculum at 7 Mindsets, is a lifelong educator with expertise in crafting educational curricula. With degrees from Mississippi State University, Howard University, and The University of Southern Mississippi, he brings a wealth of experience as an elementary and middle school teacher, instructional coach, and college professor. Dr. Floyd is also an accomplished children’s book author who advocates empowering students through creative expression in education.

Krista Stippich

Kathy Hakes-Fastner

Director of Education Services, 7 Mindsets

Kathy Hakes-Fastner is Director of Education Services for 7 Mindsets, she has more than 24 years of classroom, administration, and educational consultant experience. As a Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator she developed district level (K-12) systems and routines to support PBIS and MTSS. Working as an Educational Consultant in the edtech & social emotional learning space she has had the opportunity to partner with over 700 schools across the United States. Assisting them in developing and strengthening their multi-tiered systems of support, focusing on student wellbeing, healthy mindsets, and academic programming. Kathy’s passion is to ignite educator’s innovation & creativity that leads to student empowerment and engagement in life. When she is not working, you will find Kathy bathing in the outdoors, hiking, skiing, paddling, backpacking, or camping.

Dr. Teresa Reigosa

Senior Education Services Manager, 7 Mindsets

Dr. Teresa Reigosa is a Senior Education Services Manager at 7 Mindsets, where she supports schools across the country and internationally in implementing mindset-based programming for students and the adults who care for them. Throughout her 30-year career, Dr. Reigosa has been a classroom teacher, counselor, and administrator at every level of education. Her experiences working with diverse student populations and collaborating with her colleagues have provided her with invaluable insights and knowledge, and in 2023, she earned a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Adult Social-Emotional Learning.

Aleasha Stevens

Senior Director of Education Services, 7 Mindsets

Driven by a passion to advocate for the education needs of all learners, Aleasha draws from a combined 25+ years of experience as a leader in both the classroom and the boardroom working with individuals and organizations to amplify their learning and leadership success so they can make a measurable impact on the world around them. She presents with enthusiasm and expertise, effectively guiding her participants to elevate their skills to new heights. Audiences love her practical strategies and often describe her passion and energy as infectious.

Elizabeth Johnston

Senior Education Services Manager, 7 Mindsets

Elizabeth works with district and school-based educational leaders across the nation to ensure the successful implementation of BASE Education. Elizabeth has over 13 years of experience in teaching, curriculum development, faculty support, and student advising – guiding students through academic, personal, and career challenges on their path to graduation. She has also helped develop classroom strategies to meet students’ academic and emotional needs. In her free time, you’ll find her with family and friends, exploring new places, or enjoying the outdoors with her golden retriever, Doug.

Lesley Wilson

Senior Education Services Manager, 7 Mindsets

Lesley Wilson is a passionate advocate for transformative education, holding the role of Senior Education Services Manager and Southeast Regional Lead for 7 Mindsets. Her mission is to empower schools and districts to craft successful implementation strategies, offer dynamic coaching, and foster mindset-based and well-being development practices tailored to the unique needs of educators and students. With over 22 years of experience spanning diverse educational settings, including large urban and rural districts, Lesley’s journey has been a multifaceted one. She’s worn various hats as an elementary teacher, behavior specialist, teacher trainer, and district administrator, specializing in behavior management, Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), and social development.

Krista Stippich

Andrew Chismar

Education Services Manager, 7 Mindsets

Andrew Chismar, Education Services Manager at 7 Mindsets, brings over 14 years of elementary education experience. With a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Valdosta State University, Andrew is adept at designing impactful learning experiences. Passionate about children’s literacy and social-emotional development, he integrates literature to reinforce social skills.  He has actively served on various curriculum committees, PBIS teams, and STEM committees, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement and student success. As an instructional lead teacher and department chair, Andrew has mentored colleagues and contributed to the professional development of educators.  His diverse background, including teaching kindergarten and first grade, informs his innovative strategies for inclusive classrooms. Andrew’s global adventures, including work with a cruise line, enrich his teaching by infusing cultural awareness.

Krista Stippich

Krista Stippich

Senior Product Manager, 7 Mindsets

Krista Stippich is a forever educator, administrator, and coach dedicated to furthering the work of mindsets-based well-being and mental health. Prior to joining the 7 Mindsets team, she worked in both the middle and high school spaces. Since joining 7 Mindsets, Krista has had the privilege of serving schools and districts around the country on the Education Services team and now works in Product helping to ideate and develop the future of 7 Mindsets offerings.

Chelsea Buchanan

Senior Director of Partnerships, 7 Mindsets

Chelsea Buchanan is the Senior Director of Partnerships for 7 Mindsets and supports numerous teams within the organization. As a team leader and lifelong educator, Chelsea believes that positive mindset and well-being is the foundation for building meaningful and lasting relationships with your students and colleagues. Prior to 7 Mindsets, she worked in various school and district settings and has an extensive background in administration, special education, instructional coaching, and district initiatives. In her tenure with 7 Mindsets, Chelsea developed and authored the first 7 Mindsets elementary curriculum and was the Director of the education services department for 6 years. She has presented over 2,500 hours of professional development, working with urban, rural, and suburban districts nationwide and globally. She implemented 7 Mindsets to students and staff as an educator prior to working with 7 Mindsets.

JoJuan Armour

Teaching and Learning Consultant, 7 Mindsets

Teaching and Learning Consultant for 7 Mindsets, is a versatile and accomplished professional, weaving together a rich tapestry of experiences in athletics, public health, and education. From his ten-year professional football career to his current role as CEO of Armour Consulting, a venture he founded in 2022 to address public health issues affecting young people and their families, JoJuan exemplifies the power of purpose-driven leadership and dedication to creating positive change in communities.

Jackie Smith

Special Educator and School Psychologist, SD27, Colorado

Jackie Smith, Ed.S/CYT : Jackie has been supporting students and staff in public schools for the past 17 years as a special educator and a school psychologist. She is passionate about preparing students to become regulated, autonomous learners and demonstrating the ‘brain-body’ connections that support these skills. As a yoga teacher, Jackie experienced firsthand how difficult mindfulness practices can be, and how much stress and trauma impacts our bodies as well as our minds. Jackie developed her district’s first regulation room to support students, and teaches students and staff practical applications for use in the school environment.