Our Most Popular Webinars, On-Demand!

7 Mindsets is proud to host and sponsor our monthly Leading Minds webinars, which feature education experts on a range of topics.

Below are our Top 5 on-demand webinars of the 2023-2024 school year!

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Belonging and Connection: Building a Framework for Student Success

Presented by Dr. Doug Fisher 

How can educators create a sense of belonging, both for themselves and their students? In this engaging and insightful webinar, best-selling author and Professor of Educational Leadership Dr. Doug Fisher explores a belonging framework that provides educators with a structure for taking action.

Nurturing Resilient Educators: Strategies for Practicing Self-Care and Modeling It for Others

Presented by Dr. Baron R. Davis

In this inspiring and transformative webinar, Dr. Baron R. Davis discusses the critical need for educator self-care and offers practical strategies for prioritizing self-care in one’s own life and modeling it for others.

Educating for Resilience: A Holistic Approach for Student Success

Presented by Dr. Pedro Noguera

In this important webinar, Dr. Pedro Noguera discusses the important connection between students’ well-being and their academic achievement and how a more holistic approach to teaching and learning can increase student success.

Harnessing the Power of Your Authentic Self: Lessons on Effective Leadership that Fosters Trust and Credibility

Presented by Nerlande Anselme

In her insightful webinar, Nerlande Anselme, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Family Services in Rush-Henrietta Central School District, discusses how the power of authentic leadership comes with significant personal and professional advantages and is a powerful catalyst to champion positive changes in the education realm and beyond.

Don’t Let the Teachers Eat the Students: A Practical Planning Guide for School Excellence

Presented by Tracey Smith, Steve Miller & Jeff Waller

In this webinar panel discussion, Principal Tracey Smith, Principal Steve Miller, and 7 Mindsets Co-founder Jeff Waller offer practical solutions and a roadmap for planning real and meaningful change in the new school year.

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