BASE Education was created out of a need that was not being met in schools.  Nearly a decade ago, Social and Emotional Learning as it is widely known today, was not a mainstay in schools. I was a school-based therapist and private practice clinician and I needed meaningful and evidence-based content for my students.

With few options available, I created content that I hoped would be engaging as well as therapeutically sound.  Over time, the content was being used in neighboring schools, districts, and then across state lines.  Even though the reception of the content was positive, the paper-based curriculum was not scalable, but the demand was strong. 

Meanwhile, a student in a nearby school sat unattended in in-school suspension for bringing a gram of marijuana to school.  During the day, she sat and vilified herself and saw no way out of what she believed to be a life-altering event.  At the end of the first day, she went home and died by suicide.  

With no positive messaging or hope for a better outcome, she saw no way out.  

It was this precipitating event that pushed me to find a scalable solution- to ensure that no student would ever fall through the cracks or feel hopeless.

I connected with Mac Angell, a talented developer who had been building education technology platforms for years.

Together, we formed BASE Education, an online solution that was not only engaging, clinically sound, and innovative, but it also was an eye-opener for the adults in the schools.  BASE was and continues to be, the only fully online SEL program that allows for students to be heard.  Through this CASEL approved program, students have a voice and exercise their thoughts in a conversation as opposed to only one-way teaching.  It continues to be a privilege to hear their words and it is humbling to be allowed into their thoughts, it’s what keeps us going each and every day.  Being a part of a solution is something we will never take for granted.

Students today are digital natives and BASE is able to meet them where they are for comfort, safety, and empowerment.  When students are in charge of their personal journey, it’s meaningful and engaging.

The BASE team of today is comprised of educators and clinicians.  Through decades of experience, students and teachers alike have the highest quality of content and support.  Whether the delivery is online or in traditional lesson plans, BASE aims to welcome and empower all.

Social and Emotional Learning was once known as “mental health” in schools.  BASE has never veered from its origin of wellness at its core and seeks to make mental health something that everyone can and does, talk about.