Dream Big, Feel Connected,
Be Authentic, and Much More!

An Easy-to-use Digital Curriculum

Sample Lesson

Dream Big, Feel Connected, Be Authentic, And Much More!

An Easy-to-use Digital Curriculum

Sample Lesson

PreK – 12 SEL Curriculum

PreK – 12 SEL Curriculum

Why Mindsets?

From PreK through Grade 12, students advance along a continuum that deepens engagement with and understanding of the mindsets and SEL competencies. Mindsets are the beliefs and attitudes that dictate our emotions and influence our decisions and actions; they help us connect with others and develop positive self-awareness, self-efficacy, and perseverance.

Built Around 7 Mindsets
and 28 Learning Objectives

The curriculum provides students and educators with an engaging, accessible common language to support lasting, tangible change.

Only Ten Minutes of Prep Time

A digital curriculum designed to be teacher led and requiring only 10 minutes of prep time per lesson. Educators deliver 30 easy-to-use lessons by grade per academic year.

  • Includes classroom integration ideas, activity files, and lesson plans
  • Thousands of additional streaming videos and activities, in a searchable database
  • Family newsletters and workshops, staff resources, and so much more

Assessible and Aligned

PreK | Grades K-5

The Prekindergarten course is developmentally appropriate and incorporates interaction and participation as students are introduced to the 7 Mindsets.

The Kindergarten-2 and 3-5 grade bands offer dynamic courses that use the 7 Mindsets to inspire and empower elementary students. The 28 learning objectives incorporate student interaction and engagement.

Essential skills focus on developing a mindset, problem solving and belief-inself in addition to: 

  • Managing Fear and Taking Safe Risks 

  • Resilience and Self-management 

  • Social Awareness  

  • Gratitude and Kindness 

Essential skills focus on the growth mindset, problem solving, and belief-in-self in addition to:

  • Defining Dreams for High School and Life 

  • Positive Thinking and Adjusting Actions 

  • Resilience and Persistence  

  • Healthy Relationships and Kindness

Grades 6-8

Middle School courses are designed to teach the 7 Mindsets and apply them to a service project and a graduation plan created in the third year. The middle school curriculum includes three courses, one per grade level.

Grades 9-12

High School courses integrate the 7 Mindsets and include an individual ultimate life plan created in the third year. The high school curriculum includes four courses, one per grade level.

Essential skills focus on mastering a growth mindset, and pursuing authentic dreams and goals, in addition to: 

  • Optimism and Handling Failure 

  • Multiple Paths to Success and Happiness 

  • Self-awareness, Decision-making, and Hope 
  • Social-awareness and Cultural Competence 

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