Understanding Mindsets Based SEL

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Mindsets-Based SEL focuses on our default perspectives and attitudes towards the situations and circumstances in our lives. It is the lenses that largely drives our feelings, actions, and decisions. This understanding has created a movement towards Mindsets-Based instructional strategy. There are key attributes that define an effective Mindsets-Based Social and Emotional solution.

Using the 7 Mindsets to Shift School Culture

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Instead of focusing their monthly faculty meetings on logistical items that could really be sent in an email, Tracey emphasized the impact of the mindsets on shifting school culture. These meetings put team-building front and center and introduced their “Mindset of the Month.”

Sharing Moments that Matter – The Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

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ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES!!  Its the things that we focus on that expand in our life.  If we focus on the negative, it is negative things that will become the foundation of growth in our lives.  However, if we use the positive as the underpinning of our thinking, our joy and happiness will grow. Why does the negative tend to stay at the forefront in our minds?  Negativity just has a bigger impact on our brains. And that is due to the brain's "negativity bias": Our brain is simply built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news. The bias is so automatic that it can be detected at the earliest stage of the brain's information processing.

The Thinking to Overcome Anxiety

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Life is not a path to happiness; happiness should be the path to life. It's not something we should hope to get in the future, but something we can and should experience constantly.

30 Quotes About Gratitude

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Having an Attitude of Gratitude was shown to mean more than thinking about all the good things in your life. As a matter of fact, everyone we interviewed would invariably point to a period of adversity or struggle in their lives as the time when they gained the knowledge, developed the relationship or built the skill or trait that ultimately allowed them to become happy and successful.

6 Keys to Developing Patience

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All our power exists in the moment; it is the only place we can take action, and the only place we can experience true progress and joy. Impatience is a very poor use of our time, as it is a devious form of self-induced suffering and a sublime saboteur of happiness.

Accountability Quotes from the Masters

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Accountability is the complete acceptance in thoughts and action that one is fully in control of their own happiness and success in life. It states that none of us is a product of the past, and that our futures are not predetermined because our lives are what we want them to be from this moment onward. Here are 20 accountability quotes that both energize and inspire our work.

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