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A fundamental change is taking place in America's schools.

It isn't a program, a curriculum, or new technology. No one owns or controls it. And once it takes hold, no one can stop it. 
It's called a cultural transformation and in K-12, it bears many names and slogans: School Climate. Social Emotional Learning. Youth Empowerment. Character Education. Doing What's Right.
We call it The Mindsets Revolution, and it has the potential to reshape society.

One Film, Many Moments

Chattahoochee Elementary: Trailer Film

School Profiles | Parent & Community Impact


Cactus Middle School: Trailer Film

School Profiles | Student Impact

When Test Scores Don't Come First

Leadership | Program Integration | Culture

Growth Mindset and 7 Mindsets

Implementation | Program Integration

Teacher Profile: Sarah Berger

Inspiration | Community Impact | Student Impact

Vista Peak K-8 School: Trailer Film

School Profiles | Culture As A Foundation | School Climate

Tobias Elementary: Trailer Film

School Profiles

Redefining Student Leadership

Program Integration

PBIS and 7 Mindsets

Implementation | Program Integration

Kindness vs. "Being Nice"

Inspiration | Instruction


Villago Middle School: Trailer Film

School Profiles | Growth Mindset | Community Impact

Mashburn Elementary: Trailer Film

School Profiles

Parent Perspective: Jeff Campbell

Parent Engagement | Community Impact

Parent Perspective: Stacy Clarke

PTA | Parent Engagement

Student Impact: Tobias Elementary

Student Impact

Teacher Profile: Mike Cruz

Instruction Modeling | Curriculum Integration

A Common Language

Leadership | Implementation

SEL In Rural School Districts

Community Impact | Lesson Modeling

Behind The Scenes

Inspiration | Gratitude

Acceptance vs Tolerance

Lesson Modeling | Academy Voices

Championship Mindsets

Leadership | Implementation | Teamwork

EIP Lesson Modeling: Trash To Treasure

Lesson Modeling | Academy Voices


Numerous independent studies have validated the 7 Mindsets impact in Achievement, Student Behavior and Grit & Resilience.

Mindsets University

Weekend events that inspire educators personally and professionally, + tools to up-level classrooms and communities.


100's of lessons and 1,000's of resources for the classroom that teach the non-cognitive skills young people need to live fulfilling, successful lives.

& Mentoring

We provide trainings, custom implementation plans, coaching followups and school partnerships for exchanging best practices.

Unified School

A holistic series of practices that balance lessons, language, programming and planning to successfully integrate 7 Mindsets across culture.